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8 reasons why Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the perfect martial art

ability to control the opponent through techniques that force him to submit and surrender . He is proud to be known as the “ Soft art “, Which allows one more person small and weak use levers and submissions, chokes, blocks to defend against a larger opponent . With origins in Judo, Newaza, and Japanese Jujutsu, Carlos Gracie and his family have adapted and modified it to become the martial art that it is today.

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How to take care of your bjj kimono

Before giving you some advice, you should know that the ideal is to have enough kimonos to be able to train all week. Normally every time you wash the kimono gi , more deteriorates since the kimono is composed of cotton As it is a natural fiber, it wears out with use and washing. Therefore what we recommend is to have at least two bjj kimono. In this way while you use one the otor you can wash it to have it ready for the next training. The gi of bjj It should be washed every time you use it since sweat is mainly composed of water with small amounts of the minerals sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, lactic acid...

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